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Getting my next batch of writing ready for Lillian and I started my fourth novel. Second extant novel.

Third night of no booze, third night of getting some writing done. Sure there’s argument for causality in there.

I don’t know what to say, but I’d like to announce that I’m deferring all my writing to Lillian. I trust her to do with it what she thinks right.

Line for later use

We carried the weight of the people we’d been like heavy stones. Sometimes openly, in our palms, sometimes hidden away in pockets. The weight was always there.  Only when we came together did we set our stones beside each other and marvel at how fine they looked together. I often wondered why we spent so long carrying these things that held us down like that.

He began to live
much like a hermit
and he’d spend all morning
listening to Elliott Smith
cooking an enormous breakfast
convinced that it’s a nice thing,

not a lonely thing,

and Fridays were walks uptown,
with cigarettes from the pack
he swore he threw away,

and Sunday morning was a brown bagged beer
pulled from knapsack

drunk on the side of a hill,

wondering where all his bluebirds went

the clouds rolled by and the trees bent and swayed,
both tossed by the same wind.

I just listened to the song for for the first time since it played in my bedroom when my mom came in to tell me that my grandmother passed away so many years ago. What a surreal moment. I just remember waking up and feeling that nothing at all was right. My mom just walked into my room, in tears, and I just knew. I hugged her like I’d never see her again. “Play” by Flunk, from the OC soundtrack of all things. How odd, how fragile is life.

La Cave Du Vine

The lights, the lights
So soft and warm
A kind touch in the dark
Soft tunes lazing
In the too hip atmosphere
Candles lit and votives out
How forgiving a place
The cigarettes are too much
But the beer is cheap
And how warm, how rosy my cheeks
Thinking of you
In the basement bar of Coventry
Of the things we did to one another
Thinking of
The lights, the lights

This is my penance

I have a tendency
to be a despot in love

this is something I did not know
until much too late

I overidealize
and I built you up to be
someone so much different
than who I fell for originally

worse, still
I overidealize myself.

perhaps more of a crime
and all the more regrettable

felt so damned sorry for myself
when I had an equal hand.

So, I’m sorry.

I’m not who I used to think I was,

you deserved so much better,

and it took the long way around to realize that.

Please remember the finer bits

and forgive me, 

for this is a penance,

and it’s all I have left.

The worst thing
a sailor can do to yeh,
is be perfectly honest.

On the whole,
a positive breed,
all “fair winds”
and “calm seas” to yeh.

But a sailor’s never worse
than perfectly true,
a level answer
and a true read.

What a life to lead
what a thing to be

To work aboard a ship

     The sun rose over the placid harbor. The tugs hadn’t left dock yet. Freighters were still chugging along at ten or so on the Canadian side. The single sound over all of the North Coast Harbor, save for the occasional squawk of gulls and slosh of minor chop against the starboard side, was the twist and click of the key turning tumblers and opening the stern gate to the GOODTIME III. Rubbing sleep and hangover from his eyes, he turned a new key in the door’s padlock and opened that, too. He strolled along the familiar deck. The same ragged carpeting he’d walked miles and miles upon. Up the forward ladder to the second deck, and doubling back toward the aft end of the ship. Looking out over the lake, he was disappointed not to spy any freighters coming in, or any expectant tugs waiting with the same patience and diligence for their laker as a loyal dog showed waiting for his master to return home from a long day of work. He walked to the aft stairwell and continued up another deck, and turned to his right to marvel upon the skyline so many take for granted. Burke Lakefront Airport, the Doubletree Hotel, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Science Center, the Browns Stadium, and the William G. Mather. Just as quickly as he turned affectionately toward his city, he turned back as he had thousands of times. He strode the length of the deck and let himself into the pilothouse. He sat down in the captain’s chair, laid hand on the wheel, and looked out over the harbor with a keen eye.
     To do anything else in the morning, he thought, was such a waste.

a change

The things that once stirred him

fireflies blinking in the canopy of the tree line
the autumn smoke smell on that old red hoodie
beautiful girls in sundresses and sunglasses walking downtown
the sky reflecting green across the water’s choppy surface
cool rain on a warm day 

these things came to taste like ash
and all that mattered
was good friends and strong drink


That North Coast city of such
strange squalor and exuberance,
like a Detroit determined to
shuffle off the albatross.
My hub for so long, now the
beginning point of a new journey,
months of tragedy personal and otherwise,
coming to a head—got to flee!
and so headed West, my American
birthright cashed in on some
several pages of perforated tickets,
my currency for change,
first stop Denver by way of Chicago,
Omaha, myriad small towns and errant truck stops,
prefaced by the usual dreary
Greyhound station waits,
barely awake, some dread marionette hunched over,
watching the clock tick minutes away
waiting for the seemingly never arriving departure time
and it all ends in drinks as it ever does, 
over at Becky’s, famous  E 18th corner bar,
just down the way,
and oh lord, get properly swacked,
but spy the time and snatch my bag
bounce away
board the carriage
and away I go
from my home,

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skeleton dance

"But I thought…"
began so many
broken old hearts
discarded in gutters
by way of bus stops
glee gone with
the flick of a wrist
emotionless skeletons
clattering against one another
tangled at the hips
howling for
for a spark of warmth
like capturing a photograph
subject distilled into a past tense
as the future ceases to be