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An introduction to my China journals

Hello Tumblrsphere,

Get this,

so this whole college experience up until this May, I’ve been super interested in China. I’ve got a major in International Studies, and minors in History and Asian Studies. From my first day of class till right now, I’ve taken 19 classes that have dealt with China in some way, shape, or form. One of those classes was an independent study that involved countless hours combing both American newspapers and three different Chinese news outlets for similar stories, translating the Chinese stories, and comparing how they approached the same events. I can explain how the party structure directly corresponds to the administrative structure of Chinese government. I represented China in our U.N. simulations for my International Studies courses twice. I even taught Chinese calligraphy to new students. Coming into last May, I knew about as much about China as a person can know without setting foot in the country.

But guess what,
I went to China this summer. No, I’m not a communist, no I don’t have the Chinese Flu, and no I didn’t eat dog. It was an amazing experience. I went with a group of 25 students and 2 professors. One was my advisor for my independent study (all around great lady), and one was a graduate level business professor (and all around great guy).

Planking in Tiananmen Square

In my time in China, I managed to get lost in Hong Kong, saw the worst living conditions in the world (in Shanghai!), and managed to get pulled into a dark room for additional screening in the airport for trying to transfer a stolen an “appropriated” keg into Beijing.

China was incredibly fun, and I got to learn more about the place than I did in my 19 college courses. On this blog, I’m going to try to relate as accurately as possible the events that transpired, with a minimal regard to fact.

So stay tuned, and get ready for pictures, stories, and more (?).


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