My name is Jordan Kit and these are my words.

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The writer and the shadow boxer

Hunchbacked and hagged by broken thoughts
boxing shadows and sharpening edges
leaving dust on a page in nervous lines
feeling compelled to go on—but why?—
realizing in successive much too late epiphanies
that the hits that hurt the most
are the ones you never see coming
thought the writer and the shadow boxer. 

Junky heart

Maybe we’re born to it,
an odd breed destined
for the burden of thought.

Maybe as our souls
spill over each day,
sadness holds us from
floating away completely.

Maybe there’s a reason
that our thoughts race
and our hearts sink
and hapless clouds
seem to follow near.

Maybe we’re just looking
for somebody to come along
to fix us, or to show us
the road that leads home.

Maybe we are just the ones
that bear it all for the rest,
squarely on our shoulders.

To you, to me, to the junky-hearted seekers. 


I’ve been so depressed lately
feeling dissatisfied with life
though not so far gone that
I think it’s hopeless, but I
really hope this part comes
to an end and I finally find
that part of life when I really
truly feel “Yes, I am alive,
this is living, and there’s
nothing better than all this.” 

I know there’s nothing better,
but I just feel like walking alone
in a big city that I can’t even
pronounce the name to.