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Meditation #22

Tonight, I’m full of questions
and strange notions.
Maybe it’s all a dream,
wouldn’t it be funny?
Would you live differently?
Would you skip the tip?
How would you spend your day?
Your nights?
Which of your
dirtiest, truest secrets
would you bring to light?
Which promises to keep?
Which to break?

Such things,
such beautiful questions,
these that color my waking hours,
inform my dreams,
and inspire to live
just a bit more freely.

Recurring dream

You’re back again
crept in my door
treading lightly
across the floor

I hear you
whispering in my ear
all the things
I’ve longed to hear

I feel the tickle
of your hair
but I open eyes
and you’re not there.

I shut them tight
against the night
and dream again
till all feels right.

June 22nd

There’s a town
in the sky
and a dream
in your eye

I wonder
when I look
how much time
it had took

for the lights
in each
my heart
to teach

to dream love and laugh.